Dato: 29. januar 2019 Dalum Landbrugsskole

Course: Managing pig production

Would you like a course where you do not need to read a lot of theory, but instead can come with challenges from your everyday life and get

You will, among other things, get insight into:

  • What characterizes you as a leader and how is your relation with your employees?
  • How can you develop your team?
  • How can you achieve results through motivation
  • Your communicative skills – both in the day to day communication as well as the communication that turns into conflicts.


1st module: January 29.-30. 2019

2nd module: February 26.-27. 2019

3rd module: March 2019


Price for all tree modules is 11.000 kr. (excluding VAT).

The price covers catering and accomondation.