Dato: 24. august 2022 kl. 14:00 - 24. august 2022 kl. 15:00

Webinar in English: Piglets journey 4

The Piglets journey consists of four webinars that all together guide you through the important tasks of farrowing. This is the last webinar out of the webinar series.

This is the fourth and last webinar in ’The Piglet’s Journey - From Farrowing to Weaning’ and in this webinar you will learn what’s important regarding hernia, sepsis and hygiene up to and in the weaning phase.  

After the webinar you will know how to:

  • Actively manage the piglet to lower the number of piglets with hernia and sepsis  
  • Manage piglets with hernia and sepsis
  • Secure good hygiene in the weaningphase.